graphite, Xerograph, gouache, acrylic media, and print-collage on watercolour paper
17" x 22" (43cm x 55cm)

CHAOSMO 1993graphite, Xerograph, gouache, acrylic media, and print-collage on watercolour paper17" x 22" (43cm x 55cm)


Poster, 2009, ink & dyed shellac on drawing paper; digital text-type 5" x 8" (127mm x 203mm)
Joshua Stanton 29 mai, à 15:23 Signaler
Yes, I am indeed a founding member of the U.A.S.; in fact, I took part in the meeting that decided its name. If memory serves correctly, we had contemplated such occult acronymities as "S.L.O.P.E." (which I quashed observing its usage as a racial slur) and that I was personally against "Untitled..." because the initials were a little too much like "U.S.A." for my liking. I didn't graduate with the rest of the class due to some credit-deficiencies going back to kindergarden-level colour-theory & ceramics electives largely skipped in favour of a short film project which Tom Andriuk and I completed back in Foundation (I started out with the class of '93 but took a year off halfway through Painting 1); completing the credits would have required a new student-loan application and a minimum full-time course-load for a semester. I stayed on the charter for a couple of years, but returned to Winnipeg at the end of '94 for a job doing concept art for an industrial-design consultant. I have stayed very much in practice, though I have actually concentrated much more on illustration—having felt actually pretty negative towards the Fine Art Establishment coming out of 4th Year. Even so, my illustration is a far, far cry from the kind of commercial airbrush B.S. they used to crank out over in V.C. Basically I do a lot of alt-scene album-covers, historical recreations for film and publication, and roller derby-graphics. I have been called "Winnipeg's R. Crumb", if that might give you an indication of my vocational niche. I would love to submit something for the show; it's an honor to be recognized and included. However, there isn't a lot of time to get something together—I suppose I ought to pull something off the wall and just pop it in a bubble-pac. It won't be anything BIG, I can tell you that—most of my current works (including private arcanities) are microscopically-detailed miniatures on watercolour- or Bristol-paper. Any road, it should be on its way as of Monday afternoon. How do you feel towards quasi-commercial, underground graphic-design oriented illustrations? Most of my work these days runs along these lines:!/photo.php?pid=3123078&id=594742351 or!/photo.php?pid=1257809&id=594742351 ; I have also recently crossed over into digital painting, producing some figurative works such as —perhaps I can have a large print prepared if you feel it would be suitable. The image which will be most familiar to the Alumni at large would probably be the infamous "Babylon" (!/photo.php?pid=1808387&id=594742351) the full-size JPG of which I will send per your request. Any advice or suggestions you might have regarding my choice of submission would be greatly appreciated; the full portfolio can be viewed at!/album.php?aid=41066&id=594742351&page=2for your eminent reference. My sincerest thanks for your consideration. Until next time!

for the Winnipeg Roller Derby League 
ink & dye - 2½" x 6½" 
© 2008 Joshua W. Stanton. All rights rese...rved.
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